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ipod icons

Music In A Box

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All Members , Moderated
• This is a graphics community exclusively for the Apple ipod family.
• Members are encouraged to post icons, friends-only banners, headers, ect.
• Before joining, please take a look at the rules.



1) Only ipod icons may be posted. Anything from 40GBs to Minis is
appropriate- but please do not use any other products. If a post includes
any other items/themes it will be deleted. [Requests must be under a cut!]

2) Every post must have at least ONE icon/base. The rule used to be three, but
sometimes one good icon is worth 3 bad ones :)

3) When posting more than FOUR icons, please use the lj-cut tag.
If you do not know what an lj-cut is, or how to use it,
please see this manual.

4) The posting of bases is encouraged. All bases must be behind an
lj-cut and accompanied by the initial "three icon post" rule. ((Bases are
images cropped to the usual icon size [100x100 pixels] without borders, brushes, or

5) All non-icon graphics (IE: Headers, F.O. banners, ect.) and/or
bases must be behind an lj-cut.


6) ALL icon REQUESTS must be under an lj-cut. If you post an entry asking for
an icon to be made and it is not under a cut you may be warned, or the post may be
deleted without notice. lj-cut manual

7) You may only post icons that you have made. Taking credit for other
people's work is not acceptable. The post will be deleted and you will be
warned and possibly banned if necessary.

8) ALWAYS credit when asked. ((To credit an icon maker, you would
place their username or whatever else they have instructed you to use, and
place that name in the keywords of the icons on "Your Pictures"
page.))Icon-theft is unnacceptable. If you are forced to confront a
problem involving icon-theft, please keep it outside of the community.


9) No Advertisements. This includes the infamous "Free iPod!" Ads, the
buying/selling/trading of apple products, and promoting other communities.
Posts in violation of this rule will be deleted without warning, followed by
banishment from the community. If you would like to plead your case because
you did not read the rules for some reason or another- email the the mod.

10) There is no censorship here. Artistic freedom and opinions are

11) No off-topic posts. If a post does not contain icons - the post
will be deleted.

12) Any complaints, comments, questions, or suggestions regarding the
community should be directed to the moderator.

13) Have fun!!


[Disclaimer]: This Livejournal community is in no
way connected with Apple® Computer, Inc. and the
views and ideas expressed here do not reflect
those of Apple or its employees.